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loading The Ship Loading program is a must for every deck officer handling cargo-related operations.

Today ships are spending over 90% of their time at sea. The high cost of the ship’s operation means that the time spent in port is limited to the minimum. While in berth, the ship’s cargo officers are constantly involved in cargo-related calculations, as well as other important ship’s operations. These calculations can be time-consuming and very often difficult to achieve in a short period of time considering the ship’s officers’ other duties.

The Ship Loading program is a special configuration program, developed specifically for the ship’s deck officers and shore personnel to handle cargo-related calculations. This program is menu- and button-oriented and provides an accurate and speedy means for calculating problems related to the ship’s stability and cargo operations. The Ship Loading program is a combination of a number of programs and subprograms, as listed below:

Main Programs:

  • Limited Draft Load – The Limited Draft Load program is designed to calculate the maximum cargo load that will allow a ship to arrive in the discharge port within the draft limits, as well as to calculate maximum draft and cargo load at the loading berth.
  • Draft Change Due To Load-Discharge – The Load-Discharge Weights program is designed to calculate the ship’s drafts after weight has been loaded or discharged.
  • Ship Load – The Ship Loading program is designed to quickly and accurately perform calculations that will deliver the proposed Cargo Loading Plan to meet the user’s requested cargo load and sailing draft.
  • Cargo Trimming – The Ship Trimming program provides a quick and accurate way to determine remaining cargo quantity distribution to achieve the requested trim or draft.

Other Useful Subprograms:

  • Capacity
  • Draft Corrections
  • Draft-Density Change
  • Fresh Water Allowance
  • Notes
  • Stability Formulas
  • Stowage Factor

Printed reports from the Ship Loading programs are available.

Instructions on how to use the program can be accessed through the Help function at any time while in the Ship Loading program.









Windows 7 or 8 systems do not come preloaded with 32-bit help file support. Microsoft provides a free download for Windows 7 or 8 users to enable Help file support on your system. Please follow Microsoft’s directions here to install the appropriate software on your system to be able to view the help section in Ship Loading.

The Windows Help program is not supported in Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 or later versions of Windows Server. A downloadable PDF version of each program’s Help Manual is available (go to the main menu of this website and select Software and then Help Manuals).

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