Grain Stability

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grain The Grain Stability program is designed to help ship owners, ship masters and cargo officers, as well as other personnel, prepare grain stability calculations required by the Code of Federal Regulations for vessels intending to load in any U.S. port, to which the Grain Code applies.

The Grain Stability program is designed to quickly and accurately calculate a ship’s grain stability for vessels loading grain in the U.S. using the latest official Grain Stability Calculation Form (REV. 07/06).

Ease and accuracy of filling Grain Stability forms was a main goal in designing this Grain Stability program. Grain Stability is a user-friendly program and requires only basic computer knowledge for use.

The Grain Stability program is a collection of the four pages of the Grain Stability Calculation Form required to be used in the U.S.





For ships that do not have a Table of Maximum Allowable Heeling Moments in their approved Grain Loading Booklet, the program allows users to prepare Addendum #1 (pages 1 and 2) for each stage of the voyage (departure, intermediate and arrival).Grain5

For ships carrying grain in bulk on a voyage on the inland or coastal waters of the U.S., when elected, the provisions of 46 CFR 172.030 (Addendum #2) are also included in this program.


Grain Stability Calculation forms can be printed. The Grain Stability program also provides a number of very useful subprograms, which calculate the data needed in preparation of Grain Stability:

  • Average Stowage Factor of Various Cargoes in a HoldGrain8
  • Compartment Capacity
  • Draft in Local Water Density


  • Free Surface Inertia Moment


  • Length Conversion
  • Stow Factor Conversion
  • Stow Factor from Test Weight
  • Volume Conversion
  • Weight Conversion

Instructions on how to use the program can be accessed through the Help function at any time while in the Grain Stability program.

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This program is coming soon!