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draft Draft Survey is a method of cargo weight determination by the ship’s displacement calculations, light and loaded, or loaded and light, taking into account any changes in the weight of the liquids on board the ship. This method’s accuracy depends on the correctness of the performed calculations.

The Draft Survey program allows a user to perform calculations quickly and accurately on any ship, regardless of varying designs of the ship’s documentation. Even if a ship does not possess the complete data, the Draft Survey program calculates needed data using the following subprograms:

  • MTC
  • TPC
  • Sounding Corrections due to the ship’s list and/or trim
  • Liquid’s density correction due to temperature, using ASTM table 54B

The Draft Survey program allows a user to calculate the cargo quantity for one parcel at a time. If there is more than one parcel to be calculated, a new draft survey calculation will need to be started. This can be achieved by transferring previously entered data. As a result, the Finishing Draft Data becomes the new Starting Draft Data, allowing the user to enter new Finishing Draft Data to calculate a new parcel weight. This process can be repeated an unlimited number of times.

This program allows the user to accurately interpolate hydrostatic and liquids data from a ship’s documents, using the interpolation function.

A Draft Survey Report can also be printed. Instructions on how to use the program can be accessed through the Help function at any time while in the Draft Survey program.

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