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bunker The Bunkers Calc program offers a quick and accurate method of calculating the amount of fuel and/or diesel oil on board a vessel, taking into account the ship’s trim and/or list, oil’s temperature and specific gravities.

The Bunkers Calc program allows the user to perform calculations on any ship, regardless of varying designs of the ship’s documentation. Even if a ship does not possess the complete data, the Bunkers Calc program calculates needed data using the following subprograms:

  • Temperature conversion
  • Specific Gravity-A.P.I. conversion
  • Sounding Corrections due to the ship’s list and/or trim

This program allows the user to accurately interpolate the fuel’s data from the ship’s documents using the interpolation function. Temperature volume corrections are calculated using ASTM Table 54B. The report of fuel oil or diesel oil can be printed. Instructions on how to use the program can be accessed through the Help function at any time while in the Bunkers Calc program.





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